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Digital Health Management: Hype vs Reality Webinar #SPMLearning

Who remembers the Quantified Self movement? I recall attending meetups of the QS community years ago and considered the quantified self group central to consumer adoption of digital health technologies—through advocacy and example.

Today, we don’t hear the term ‘quantified self’ as often, but a recent Rock Health survey indicates that the young ‘worried well’ between the ages of 18-35 with incomes greater than $75,000 remain the dominant users of digital health technologies. In comparison, those who might benefit most from monitoring vital signs to identify changes in health condition are not heavy users of digital health tools.


Why haven’t we made more progress in directing digital health technologies to the populations most in need? The Society for Participatory Medicine’s Learning Exchange webinar on September 11 with guest speakers who are leaders in advancing the adoption of digital health technologies that improve patient outcomes will help answer that question.

We are fortunate to have a stellar panel of speakers to provide context on where we have hit roadblocks and where we have made the most progress in serving targeted populations.  Joining S4PM members Vera Rulon, Sarah Krüg and me will be:

Patient Perspective
Donna Cryer, JD

President  & CEO, Global Liver Institute

Digital Health Experts:

Joe Kvedar, MD

VP, Connected Health, Partners Healthcare

Lygeia Ricciardi, EdM

President, Clear Voice Consulting

Former Director, Office of Consumer e-Health, ONC, HHS

We will have time for questions from the audience, so please come prepared with questions or information you’d like to share.

The Learning Exchange webinars (#SPMLearning) are sponsored by Accenture and Vocera; registration is free. Register for the Sept 11, 2018 Digital Management Hype vs. Reality webinar at 1 pm here: